We are ROCsalt

We believe that change starts with people, working within organisations and as individuals in society, who are willing to challenge established thinking, structures and contribute to new ways of mobilising others. Organisations and institutions are important actors in public governance, providing access to services, rights, and facilitating an equitable negotiation of interests. To perform well and remain legitimate they need to be responsive to the people for whom they claim to provide a benefit.

We are a network of experienced researchers, policy and organisational change specialists. Our background is in human rights, health, environment, and sustainable development. We share an interest in the reform of internationally working organisations to ensure that their governance, programmes and policies become more transparent, accountable and effective for the people they serve.

We work independently or as part of other structures in policy, academia and advocacy. We also collaborate with each other where our collective capacity is in demand and of joint interest. In addition to our core group we work with other like-minded and experienced professionals in our networks.