Our expertise

rocsalt app symbol 35Governance and organisational development research and support to enable organisations and institutions to adapt to changing external dynamics, from climate change to social shifts, challenges to legitimacy, and shrinking financial and political space to operate.

rocsalt app symbol 35Research and evaluation of policies, systems and programmes of public service provision such as in the field of health, and especially sexual and reproductive health.

rocsalt app symbol 35Organisational accountability and transparency reviews focusing on public facing organisational strategy, policies, management systems and practice.

rocsalt app symbol 35Advocacy support and policy analysis in the field of human rights, sustainable development and public health policy.

rocsalt app symbol 35Strategy, planning, project management and capacity building for otganisations and programmes in advocacy, social and community support, and development, from initial scoping to planning, process facilitation, training, evaluation approaches and implementation.